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Study in the garden.2
Study time and writing in the garden

I love to write; the reality of daily life and working with athletes and clients and the required study and reading that goes along with this can often mean my approach is in burts, hits and misses.

That said I absolutely love to write, and I also try to manage time better for you with video blogs. Something I will be bringing a lot more of to you. Here is my YouTube channel.

I write several blogs and invite you to spend a little time reading then should you like to learn more. I will in the future be penning a more triathlete specific blog, please don’t let the general nature of my writing mislead you about the extent of my reading and research into your chosen sport, triathlon, which is my passion also. I can confuse people with the diversity of my interests; I guess I am a passionate persons in all realms as I believe this is how balance is attained.

I have many recipes and resources on my main blog, A-C Health Solutions

ac health imagery

My blog Journeys in Healing is more personal and touches more on the emotional journey for many of us and offers tips, insights and advice.


And finally Healing Tree Energy Essences of Ireland introduces my gently yet deeply healing energy essences which are very grounding and balancing for active persons and those on a healing journey.


Please do pop over to my sites and have a read!

Much love,



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