Two great website resources!

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions click here folks: and here: Remember these mantras: Keep it real (food).Be environmentally aware and ethically conscious.How can I make this meal better? Do what you can and then go one step better.Preparation makes a big difference in our success.Have I earned it with activity?Become a master of your emotions; eating … More Two great website resources!

How to eat

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions Be curious: My title of How to eat implies that I know all the answers to the complex questions of what is the perfect diet and how to eat. The straight up simple answer (from my experience anyhow) is that there is no one absolute and perfect way to eat. To … More How to eat

Sport nutrition video blogs, podcasts and good stuff

One to listen to Andrea Cullen Health Solutions This is the post that you want to read for resources, tips and advice! Hi all, Life has been fast and busy, apologies for the hit and miss entries. I have been training persistently and consistently; putting in the ground work under the watchful eye and intuitive … More Sport nutrition video blogs, podcasts and good stuff