Eating for recovery after a race

Hi everyone,

I hope that the racing season is going well for you.

On the back of a super coaches corner podcast today I’ve added a few more words about eating for recovery after a race.

PS apologies for the cut out the memory on my phone must have been low. I was discussing supplements to consider; honestly? The main hitters are your whey or vegan protein, carbohydrate blends, chocolate milk, water and electrolytes, or all in one recovery products. These are your critical list for urgent recovery. So we are talking about an all-in-one protein-recovery blend, or protein drink with some quick acting carbohydrate foods, chocolate milk and a banana for example, or an easy to digest protein and carbohydrate fuelling/ recovery type bar.

Then food is your best friend. REAL food and balanced meals with quality ingredients will always help your recovery more than any other strategy.

However, things like plant-based antioxidants, bitter cherry extract, glutamine, creatine, possibly amino acids/ peptides or leucine, may be helpful. Omega 3 can assist recovery and I would recommend this as a quality piece of cold water fish such as Alaskan or organic salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies etc. Phosphatidylserine is also an interesting product that can assist normalisation of elevated post race cortisol.

CoQ10 as ubiquinol can be something to consider in your day-to-day recovery support and a good quality probiotic or Vitamin C, D, A etc. I would recommend an assessment of your diet by an expert before just chucking in a load of supplements. Work on your diet first!

So here are my thoughts. Please ask Qs in the comments below and also feedback


and today’s coaches corner:

We have a great group on the Endurance lab; for coached training and for mind and body support. Check out our conversation here:



PS that’s us about to plough into the real food part of recovery post IM world champs 2014. Garron raced; I needed supporter’s recovery!

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